Liya International Performing Arts Foundation


We are a group of exemplary professionals dedicated to sharing our love of art and cultivating passion, strength and creative growth in others. We believe that an artistic education helps children to develop more appreciation for the world, their community, and – most importantly – themselves.

Art celebrates and enhances life; it also encourages good attributes like diligence, patience and the ability to work with others. We wanted to come together and share these gifts, which is why the Foundation exists today – it is the legacy of those whose devotion to art has helped the community and the art world to flourish.

We were brought together by the vision of a woman named Liya, who understood that love of art – dance, painting, music, theater and more – begins in early childhood and stays with us forever. Liya shared this love with the people around her, and we strive to spread that joy too.

Those who learned from her created the Liya International Performing Arts Foundation to honor Liya’s spirit. We were fortunate to have teachers like her in our lives when we were younger; now, we want to help others with their own artistic journeys of discovery.

Liya IPAF is about a comprehensive education that not only focuses on teaching technique and skill, but also on enriching life and fostering creative avenues for self-expression. Art is a language that everyone can engage in, and our foundation brings together people of all backgrounds to share in Liya’s gift.



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Liya International Performing Arts Foundation